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Cotton Reels & Laces

Cotton Reels & Laces

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This classic toy helps develop so many early childhood development skills, while children have fun learning them.

Our pack of 24 cotton reels and 2 laces develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.

Instructions are supplied in Afrikaans and English.

Age 3+.

In the pack
• 24 Cotton Reels
• 2 Laces
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English

In the pack
• 24 Cotton Reels
• 2 Laces
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English


The following life skills can be developed with Cotton Reels:
 Concentration – Threading cotton reels helps to increase concentration as children have to choose and sort reels, arrange them into patterns and create their project. This will take concentration and dedication, so it will be helping your children develop these skills for later in life when concentrating is important––for example, when your children are in school and need to listen to the teacher to learn.
 Fine Motor Control – Strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers by grasping each Cotton Reel, for the purpose of sorting, stacking and threading.
• Hand-eye Coordination – Threading the laces through the centre of each Cotton Reel requires a good deal of eye-hand coordination which is necessary for most daily activities including drawing, cutting, threading, sewing and writing.


Sort the Cotton Reels by colour.
Match the colour of the lace with one or two of your Cotton Reel piles. Lace 5 of the Cotton Reels from the pile.

Create a pattern with the Cotton Reels, by threading them on the lace, for your child to copy.
Examples: red, yellow, red, yellow
blue, blue, green
Once your child has copied your pattern, ask him/her to extent or repeat the pattern.
Ask your child to create his/her own patterns.


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