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Geared Learner's Clock

Geared Learner's Clock

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Learning to read and understand time is a challenge to most learners. Start practising numbers, counting and time with an analogue clock-face.

The movable colour-coded clock hands and numbers printed on the clock face make it easy to read the hours and minutes.

Hidden gears maintain the correct relationship between the blue minute hand and red hour hand.

Durable geared plastic clock supplied with a removable stand which can be stored at the back of the clock.

The red hour hand cannot be moved independently of the blue minute hand. Turn the knob at the back of the clock to move the hands manually.

The sun-moon image indicates day and night to indicate a 24 hour day.

The clock face measures 10cm in diameter.

Instructions are included.

Age 4+.

In the pack
• 1 Plastic Clock
• Instructions

Size: 10cm in diameter.

Introduce the general concept of time into everyday conversations and activities, from age 4. Example: You wake up at 7 o’clock. Lunch is at 12 o’clock. Bath time is at 6 o’clock.

At age 5 children begin with number recognition and sequence. They should be able to read the hour and half-hour markers on an analogue clock and draw corresponding times as well.

From age 6, your child should further develop number sequence and the understanding of quantity. The more comfortable a child is counting (initially from 1 to 12 hours and later from 1 to 60 minutes) the easier telling time will become. A child who masters the five-times table will find telling time in five-minute increments simple. The understanding of quarter past/quarter to will also be easier.

Have your child draw their own clock-face. Begin with the labelling of the hours 1-12. Get your child to practise the forward and backward counting of these numbers. Have your child count out loud the number of marshmallows to match each one of these numbers.

The instruction leaflet included with each Geared Learner’s Clock contains more suggestions and activities for you.

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