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Imagimags Foundation Set (108 Pieces)

Imagimags Foundation Set (108 Pieces)

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What's in the box:
36 Squares
18 Equilateral Triangles
12 Isosceles Triangles
12 Rectangles
12 Square Frames
12 Tall Isosceles Triangles
4 Large Squares
2 Vehicles

Launch into open-ended play
Our 108-piece Foundation Set is the ultimate catalyst for imaginative play. Our largest set is generously and thoughtfully designed with the creative needs of children in mind. There are ample tiles for children to create both realistic structures inspired by our digital STEAM Booklet and imaginative worlds of their own making. Watch as their imaginations take flight!

Imagine the play
We’ve curated the Foundation Set to have an abundance of squares, for tall and wide structures; 3 types of triangles for functional support and decorative additions; bases, rectangles and frames for modular enhancements. And we’ve generously included 2 vehicle bases, because we know that children love to bring movement to their imaginative worlds.

Imagine the learning
The Foundation Set is perfectly designed for STEAM learning of mathematical concepts and scientific enquiry while children create and innovate with colour. They also engage in SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) as they use their Imagimags world to role-play and process emotions. This is the greatest gift of open-ended play.

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