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Imagimags Marble Run (98 Pieces)

Imagimags Marble Run (98 Pieces)

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What's in the box:
36 Connector Square Magnetic Tiles
10 Corner Chutes (Red)
10 Slopes (Pink)
10 Short Straights (Yellow)
8 Diagonal Chutes (Orange)
8 Hairpin Bends (Green)
8 Long Straights (Blue)
6 Balls
2 Cups

A thrilling combination of Creativity and Engineering
The ample connector tiles, with extra-strong magnets, and the thoughtfully designed chutes, slopes, corners and cups give our 98-piece Marble Run the advantage. It is both sturdy and adaptable, which makes for more creative and complex builds. Clear explanations of each tube’s function, and design inspiration, is included in our digital Marble Run booklet.

Imagine the play
Non-magnetic marble runs can collapse easily or alternatively be really complicated to construct. With our magnetic connector tiles for support, children can easily start their marble run from a great height. And with the powerful click-in feature they can be confident it will stay together for repeated turns. We know they can’t get enough of watching the balls whizz, twist, turn and drop as they navigate the paths of their own clever creations.

Imagine the learning
Momentum, speed, angles, gravity, force… children develop these scientific principles while they design their own courses. As they become engrossed in the twists and turns of the balls, they repeatedly problem-solve, improving their design. It’s creativity and engineering in motion!

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