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Modelling Dough With Tools Kit

Modelling Dough With Tools Kit

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Children love playing with modelling dough!

This colourful set of dough tools and modelling dough will enable hours of creative fun!

Develops hand-eye coordination, crossing the midline and fine motor skills.

Suitable from ages 3+.

In the box
• 6 Cookie cutters
• 1 Rolling pin
• 1 Cutting wheel
• 6 Colours non-toxic modelling dough (400g)


Benefits of playdough

1. Enhances fine motor skill
When your child squishes, rolls, flattens, shapes, scores or cuts playdough, he develops and strengthens his hand muscles. The strengthened hand muscles help improve the fine motor skills of your child
2. Improves pre-writing skills
When your child plays with playdough, his pincer grip (the squeezing of pointer finger and thumb to grasp an object) improves. An improved pincer grip enhances your child’s pre-writing skills
3. Creativity and imagination
Playdough provides your child with unlimited possibilities of moulding the dough into food, animals, decorations, flowers etc. Thereby, it encourages your child to use his imagination and inspires his creativity. If your child uses various shapes, rolling pins and other tools while playing with playdough it further improves his creative imagination.
4. Calming effect
Is your child often restless and finds it difficult to express his emotions? Give him some playdough to play. Sitting in one place and squishing and squashing playdough will have a very calming and soothing effect on him. It will also provide him with a great option to express his emotions
5. Develops hand-eye coordination
Use of a variety of shapes and rolling pins while playing with playdough will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination
6. Social skills
When your child plays with playdough along with other siblings or you, they will interact, talk, discuss problems and find solutions to creating great works of art and craft with playdough. Thus, playing with playdough will enhance your child’s social skills
7. Increases curiosity and knowledge
When your child mixes 2 different colour dough together and discover a new colour or when he learns to mould play dough in different shapes, it encourages his curiosity and he will ask various questions which would help increase his knowledge and help overall development. So the next time your child requests you to play with playdough, not only encourage him but also participate in his play along with him to help him learn the most from using playdough.


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