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Round Counters 100pc

Round Counters 100pc

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Plastic 20mm round counters are textured on one side and smooth on the other.

Ideal for sorting, colours, grouping, counting and more.

Great to use on number boards.

Polybag contains 100 pieces in 5 colours.

Activity guide included.

Age 5+.

In the packet
• 100 Plastic counters
• Activity guide

Size: 20mm diameter.

Educational benefits:
• Improve hand-eye coordination
• Learn to sort and match
• Learn about colour
• Learn about quantity and height
• Learn to count
• Learn to analyse and complete a pattern

Sort and stack the counters by the colour – for example: all red, all yellow, etc.
Sort by texture – example: all smooth, all textured.
Sort into primary colours and secondary colours (excluding purple).

Memory Game
Place one of each colour counter in a row.
Ask your child to look carefully at the counters.
Then, ask him to close his eyes.
Remove 1 counter from the row.
When he opens his eyes, he should name the colour of the missing counter.

1. Create horizontal patterns to copy: • ABAB • AAB • ABC • ABCB, etc.
2. Build vertical patterns to copy: • ABAB • ABC • ABB • ABCB, etc.

More activities are available with instructions included.

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