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Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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Children develop many school readiness skills through the play of building blocks including hand-eye coordination, fine motor hand muscle development, language and social skills and cognitive development.

Create your own building block collection or add to your existing one.

Build your own creative designs with this set containing 8 different block sizes in assorted colours.

Age 6+.

Benefits of playing with Building Blocks

1. Promotes Fine Motor Skills

Connecting Building Blocks pieces of different shapes & sizes helps children practice dexterity. As they apply different amounts of pressure to connect pieces of various shapes & sizes, it exercises their fingers & enables better control.

2. Builds Creativity

Constructing intricate designs with Building Blocks pieces of different shapes, colours & sizes aid creativity and imagination. There is no limit to what they can create. Especially during free play, there is no right or wrong. It’s endless imagination!

3. Develops Problem Solving
Structured play with Building Blocks where children follow instructions to assemble fosters problem-solving, concentration & attention to detail. Everything from balance, symmetry, shapes, sizes & colours are learned while building with Building Blocks.

4. Aids Mathematical Thinking
It even develops mathematical thinking as their minds experience fractions & divisions while trying to figure out how small and big pieces fit together.

5. Planning Skills
Structured play with Building Blocks that involves following instructions is a very fun yet developmental challenge for kids. Even mistakes made teach them to unbuild, retrace their steps, plan & analyse to achieve the final vision without the pressure to learn. It’s a very organic process.

6. Persistence
Building Blocks are one of those toys that can keep a child engaged for hours and teach them persistence in the process. Playtime with Building Blocks teaches them to persevere, keep building, take their time & grow into more complex designs as their skills improve with each level.

7. Confidence
As I mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong in Building Blocks. Free or structured play, it’s a learning-based process that results in a creation based on your child’s vision & effort. There is always a sense of achievement at the final result & kids beam with pride at the end. It’s a very positive way to boost self-esteem.

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