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Imagimags Architectural Set (48 Pieces)

Imagimags Architectural Set (48 Pieces)

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What's in the box:
12 Dome Pieces
12 Squares
6 Archways
6 E shapes
6 Tall Isosceles Triangles
6 Windows

Building Creativity
Our 48-piece set of architecturally-inspired tiles has been designed to let children's imaginations run wild! Castles and cottages, fortresses and hide-outs, temples and museums... Children are limited only by their imagination in the structures they can build.

Imagine the play
Your children will love holding the spherical dome tiles in their little hands! They will build both realistic and fantastical structures with the Architectural Set. Imagine enchanted fairy houses, animal dens, superhero HQs, robot factories… The possibilities are endless!

Imagine the learning
Watch children learn about the principles of Architecture and Engineering, including how to create stable structures with rounded shapes and how to use symmetry and proportion to create beautiful designs. They can also explore different architectural styles from around the world and, of course, invent their own unique designs.

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