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Imagimags Palatial Set (108 Pieces)

Imagimags Palatial Set (108 Pieces)

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What's in the box:
36 Squares
12 Arches
12 Equilateral Triangles
12 Isosceles Triangles
12 Tall Triangles
12 Windows
6 E Shapes
4 Staircases
2 Large Squares

Building enchanted worlds
With 108 pieces at their fingertips, children can bring fairy tales to life, building enchanting castles in the clouds, playgrounds for dragons and other whimsical structures.

Imagine the play
With “glass” staircases that lead to wizard towers, windows peeking into unicorn stables, and a dreamy pastel palette to inspire imaginations, watch as children’s builds take a magical leap in creativity with the Palatial Set.

Imagine the learning
Ignite STEAM learning and spark imaginations! The Palatial Set fosters vital skills like engineering design and spatial awareness, while nurturing emotional intelligence through enchanting play. The perfect blend of fun and education!

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